UserGuide for the international Slade mailinglist

How to post a message to the list

If you will send a message to the international SLADE Mailinglist, - this is the e-mail address to use:

But if you NOT HAVE added yourself (your e-mail address) to the list, please check the subscribe information! It's impossible to send a message to the list before you have made the e-mail addition!

PS! - Be aware of the following:
If you want to reply a message you have got from the list to the entire list again, - you have to change senders email-address in the TO:-field to - after you have clicked on the REPLY-button! Or use the REPLY ALL button. This way the original sender will get your message twice: One direct from you and one from the list.

Please, also note that the list is moderated. This means that the list owner has to approve your message before it's posted to the entire list. This way we can keep it clean from virus SPAM messages and other unexpected things.

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Do not send attachments!

Please, do not send attachments to the list! If it's necessary to publish a file like GIF, JPG (photos) etc., - put it on a web-site and send the URL to the mailing list. If you dont have a web-site - we can use a HTML-template to publish photo's etc. for you. Send the file(s) to:

We will send the URL (Link to the template) back to you. Then you can send a message to the list and include the URL you have received from us.

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Post messages in plain text format!

Also remember to send all the messages to the list in plain text format (text without any formating of font size, font colour, font style etc.) and not in HTML. If you use Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook and haven't turned HTML off, then it is on. If you're using another mail client, please do check before posting. If you don't know how to turn HTML off, - please check the following URL:

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How to subscribe to the list

To subscribe to the list, send an empty message to:

You do not need to put anything in the subject field or in the mail body! Then you will receive the following message:


This is the EZMLM program. I'm managing the mailing list. I'm working for my owner, who can be reached at . To confirm that you would like added to the slade mailing list, please send an empty reply to this address:

Usually, this happens when you just hit the "reply" button. If this does not work, simply copy the address and paste it into the "To:" field of a new message.

This confirmation serves two purposes. First, it verifies that I am able to get mail through to you. Second, it protects you in case someone forges a subscription request in your name.

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How to unsubscribe from the list

Send an empty message to:

For addition or removal of addresses, we'll send a confirmation message to that address. When you receive it, simply reply to it to complete the transaction.

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How to get help

For help and a description of available commands, send a message to:

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Administrative commands

The list can handle administrative requests automatically. Please do not send them to the list address ()! Instead, send your message to the correct command address:

  • Help Address :
  • Subscription Address :
  • Unsubscription Address :
  • The List Owner Address :

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How to get in touch with the owner of the list

If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list, please send a message to:

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Slade in Esbjerg 1998
© Photo : Lars O


Dave - Esbjerg 1998
© Photo : Lars O


Festival Banner, Skien 1995
© Photo : Lars O


Slade, Skien 1995
© Photo : Morten Tolg


The gig arena, Skien 1995
© Photo : Lars O


Steve & Dave, Skien 1995
© Photo : Morten Tolg


Don on his way to the sound check, Skien 1995
© Photo : Lars O


Dave Hill, Skien 1995
© Photo : Morten Tolg


Jimmy and his violin!
Wolverhampton Civic Hall
October 4th 1979
© Ian Edmundson


Wolverhampton Civic Hall
© Ian Edmundson


Slade on stage at
Sweden Rock 2004
© Photo : Patrick Gotsch
Radio Melodic


Noddy Holder


The man and the mic!


Noddy at the Reading
Festival - 1980


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