Origional members of Slade

Noddy Holder - lead vocals/guitar

Probably one of the most influentual lead vocalists of the 1970's and 1980's. Noddy (The real name is Neville John Holder) was born in Walsall on 15th. of june 1946. He originally left school with designs on becomming a teacher, having been most interested in geography, biology and geology, but lost interest in school work when he got a guitar and formed a group. After working in an office for a while Noddy turned professional with Steve Brett and the Maverick's. He eventually met up with the band that everyone was 'raving' about at the time - the 'N Betweens. Soon after Ambrose Slade was formed, the 'Ambrose' was dropped and the rest as they say, is history.

Dave Hill - lead guitar/backing vocals

Dave Hill probably had the most recognisable fringe of the 1970's and 1980's! Dave (The real name is David John Hill) was born in Fleet Castle, Devon on 4th. of april 1946. Good at metalwork when at school and learned to play the guitar from a friend. Dave is the only member of the band not born in the Midlands. He originally played in a band with Don Powell called the Vendors. The Vendors changed their name to the 'N Betweens, met Noddy whilst in Germany and then Jim when back in the UK. Slade were born!

Jim Lea - bass guitar/violin/vocals

Jim Lea, full name James Whild Lea, was born in Wolverhampton on 14th. of june 1949. At school Jim was good at art, music and French. His first musical love was the violin and gained first class honours in a London music-school practical exam. His interest in the violin decreased when he bought a guitar, it didn't take him long to learn it. Jim answered an ad for a bassist for the band the 'N betweens, with which Don and Dave were members. Soon after Noddy joined the 'N Betweens and the foundations for Slade had been laid. Together with Noddy Holder he formed one of the most powerful songwriting partnerships ever.

Don Powell - drums

Donald George Powell was born on September 10th 1946 in Bilston, Staffordshire. Don was very much into boxing when young and joined the local Police force's Boxing Club. He had to give up boxing due to an ear infection and then became interested in athletics. Don joined the Boy Scouts and it is from there that he became interested in the drums after being asked to join the band on a Sunday morning parade. Before turning professional Don worked in a small foundry. He became a member of the Vendors along with Dave Hill. The Vendors became the 'N Betweens and enlisted Jim and Noddy and formed Ambrose Slade. Ambrose Slade became Slade and the success began.

Noddy Holder

Dave Hill

Jim Lea

Don Powell


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