Hi there Sladests,

Not too long ago, I was asked by Lars Ove to write a short note about the history of the Slade Mailing List and why we had to move away from the Indyramp list-server. This may be a good time to look back.

So, it was November 1991 and RADIO WALL OF SOUND was just hitting the charts all over Europe. At the time, being subscribed to a lot of Usenet newsgroups about music, I suddenly saw this message in the group alt.rock-n-roll <URL:news:alt.rock-n-roll> written by this Finnish person, Timo Suutari, who asked "Are there any Slade fans in this net?". Very glad to see the Subject "Slade" anyway and with a fanatic enthusiasm about the new single (I had been waiting for a new Slade hitsingle for eight years and this new single sounded very appealing to me, just like a Slade single ought to do :-] ) I sent him an e-mail stating "I have been a fan since 1971" and if I feel old now, 20 years later?, "No, not at all! Slade keeps me alive and kicking!". So when Timo wrote: "What do you like about The Radio Wall of Sound Single", I could only answer "They're back!".

One month later, I inquired if there's a mailing-list on Slade, or else if I should start one; at the same time I sent a transcript of a hilarious interview with Slade on Dutch TV as an unofficial first submission (of what was to become the Slade mailing-list) to three other interested people, to begin with. Another month later, I decided to introduce a real mailing list, slade@tintin.rivm.nl; the equivalent slade@rivm.nl soon followed.

In December 1993, the list was moved to slade@gnu.ai.mit.edu with the help of Robert Novak. A few years later, he moved it to his own system, indyramp.com --> slade@indyramp.com. In all that time, hundreds of people joined the Slade Mailing List and some left again. Unfortunately, this year it was no longer possible for Robert to maintain the list on his system. He almost succeeded in managing the list for ten years and so I want to thank him very much for the great time we spent through his Indyramp system! With that said, we also succeeded in finding a new harbour for the Slade Mailing List, luckily. It is Lars Ove Stroemoe who has managed to take over the list on his system (slade@stroemoe.com). Thanks, Lars Ove! THANKS FOR THE MEMORY!

Keep On Rockin'!
Adri Verhoef (A3)


Sweden Rock - 2004
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© Photo : Patrick Gotsch
Radio Melodic


Dave Hill - 2004
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