Quotes about Slade

"Slade was certainly our greatest influence; not only in the crafting of rock songs but also as performers. Before Slade, no one really knew shit about how to make an audience riot. We really got off on that. There would probably never have been us without them."

Gene Simmons (Kiss)

"I spent most of the early 70s listening to Slade Alive thinking to myself, "Wow - this is what I want to do. I want to make that kind of intensity for myself." A couple of years later I found myself at CBGB's doing my best Noddy Holder."

Joey Ramone (The Ramones)

"When Slade broke in 1972, I began to get really nervous. Here I am killing myself to write the next incredible riff (and then I see) these four blokes pounding out four chords over and over and loving every minute of it. I bought all of their albums and thought maybe I wanted to join the band. (Bands like) Slade really inspired me to get back to my root of inspiration: heavy, intelligent but fun rock and roll."

Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)

"Slade never compromised. We always had the feeling that they were on our side. I don't know but I think we were right."

Steve Jones (The Sex Pistols)

"There has never been or will be a rock singer like Noddy Holder."

Ozzy Osbourne

"If you notice, around 1972 I started doing much different music. I couldn't do the heavy rock thing anymore. Noddy Holder was around kicking every singer in the ass. I never wanted to be a pop singer. Christ, how I hated Noddy!"

Tom Jones

"Slade was the coolest band in England. They were the kind of guys that would push your car out of a ditch."

Alice Cooper

"Slade was never pretentious. It was just music to them. Pop, rock, soul....it was all the same to Slade. They wrote great songs. And, besides, I'd like to raid their wardrobe."

Noel Gallagher (Oasis)

"The whole punk rock thing really happened because of bands such as Slade and the like; rock bands that wouldn't back off."

Paul Weller (The Jam/The Style Council)

"Absolutely Slade! A band that would never bend over."

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

"Whatever happened to bands that rocked liked Slade? Y'know, that no-bullshit, in your face, we're bad-as-hell-and-we-know-it kind of band?"

David Coverdale (Whitesnake)

"The truth is, for this (New Musical Express) compilation (album) of cover songs, I wanted to record my version of Slade's How Does It Feel more than anything. Yet, Oasis had already chosen Cum On Feel The Noize. NME feels that too much Slade is not a good thing. Really? I had to settle for the divine Mr. David Bowie. I did my best with second best! ha!"

Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears)

"I judge a good rock and roll 'encyclopedia' by whether or not Slade is included."

Robert Christau (enlightened and acclaimed music critic for ROLLING STONE & THE VILLAGE VOICE)

"Memories are short in rock and roll, but Slade were huge in a way which today's top rock acts can only dream of. Number one singles, platinum albums, 18.000 attending sold out shows at Earls Court..."

Howard Johnson (Mega Metal Kerrang! - UK -1989)

"We have heard stories of some dealers charging well over £ 10 for reasonably common singles on the Barn label- while on the other extreme, collectors have told us that some of the Barn and Cheapskate releases are next to impossible to find."

Record Collector 1984 UK.

RC: "Do you miss your time with Slade, and would you take part in a reunion?"

Jim Lea: "Yes, I probably do miss it.
We're not The Beatles, (the B word again, who are they anyway??) We didn't have that kind of success, even though we did our bit for King and Country, but we have our place in rock and roll history, we're not fussed about it! But if Nod said yes I would probably do it!"

Jim Lea to Record Collector Oct. 1999 UK.

"The Linchpin of the mighty Slade machine!"

CBS Associated Records about Noddy Holder.

The following is an excerpt from the USA magazine, "Goldmine" 20th. of Nov. 1998:

Q: - One band rarely cited by the group as a pivotal influence is Slade. Listening to Slade's back catalog, you can hear how they infiltrated Kiss' sound.

Gene Simmons: "Deuce" sounds more like Slade. "Let Me Know" also could have been a Slade song with the structure of the chords. (sings Gudbuy T'Jane). And also pieces of "Rock and Roll All Nite" , the chordal patterns. The part "you drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy".(Sings a line from Slade's "Mama Weer All Crazee Now") " ma ma mama we're all crazy now". They were a big influence on me but not until I saw them live. My girlfriend at the time, Jan Walsh, had Slade records in her basement and I put them on and I was floored. The album was called Slayed and the other one was Slade. The stuff just floored with it's simpilicity guitars. Ironically enough it was the bass player, Jim Lea, who did most of the songwriting. So when I finally saw them with Paul, it was Frampton's Camel, Slade and J.Geils band. Slade did not actually go over well but they floored me. I went "wow".

Q: - Any Kiss fans can't go wrong by buying some Slade records?

Gene Simmons: Oh yeah, they'd love it. If you like early Kiss, you'll love Slade.


Q: - One band rarely cited by the group as a pivotal influence is Slade.

Paul Stanley: Slade was awesome. In many ways, Slade was the English counterpart to us. Slade wrote these great anthems. Live they were simple, but boy did they put a boot up your ass. They did some shows with us too. Noddy is a great singer. The whole band almost looked like some sort of cartoon come to life. They were like a steamroller. They weren't a profound influenece, but I understood their point of reference. It was similar to where we were coming from. I think at some point they rewrote their songs too often. But when they did it right there were some great songs, and live they were just great. My mirror iceman guitar was actually not a unique or original idea. Noddy had a top hat with mirrors on it so when they hit his hat with a spotlight, these beams of light would come out of his head. And it was such a cool idea that thats where the idea for the mirrored guitar came from.

Ritchie Blackmore
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Gene Simmons, Kiss
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Paul Stanley, Kiss
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Paul Stanley, Kiss
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David Coverdale
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