Conversation with a fan - Part 2

Do you ever do any Slade conventions in England?

DH: I don't go to them, no! They do exist, I used to go to them, Noddy and myself used to go. To support the fans, that's because we didn't play live, but, since I got back on the road, three years ago, I felt that I was supplying a need to the people. I was actually going out saying, yes, it still exist! I'm still carrying this name! Therefore, you know..we're playing the songs, we're a good band!

Is the mark II gone now?

DH: I think it needs to go. Now, after three years.

You never see it on any posters!

DH: Nah, I think it's unimportant. I feel, to me, if someone comes for my autograph, they don't want me to write: Slade II, Dave Hill! Cos I'm not Slade II, I am Slade! Not all of Slade, but I am like he is (points to Don, who's walking by) - Don!

DP:Yeah! -No, I won't talk to the press!

DH: Righto! It's not the press, he's quite interesting this bloke.

DP:Quite interesting, then what is he talking to you for?

DH: I don't know? He seems to know a few things, we were talking about the old days, the writing and all the bits.

(A short chat with Don follows)

DP:I'm gonna go, and get cleared up!

DH: Oh, that was an interesting conversation!

A new album?

DH: There may be a new one, new single. We're obviously working live at the moment, so we've got quite a lot of thing to do.

Without drum machines?

DH: We don't use drum machines!

There was on the last few Slade singles, isn't that true?

DH: That is true!

It sound so ..uhm..Stiff!

DH: We call it clinical! Cause you don't have a feeling...I mean a lot of people make good records with drum machines.

But it didn't work for Slade?

DH: Well...

Things like Red Hot, I think, it sounds so much better on Keep On Rockin.

DH: Yeah, that's right! The is when we went to RCA, they insisted that we had a producer. And by having a producer, we came up with My Oh My and Run Runaway, which both were very big hits! So, a producer worked at the time, but the drum machines came in then.

Did you do many overdubs, in the old days? Or,

when Jim played the piano, did you or Nod play the bass?

DH: Yes, I played the bass sometimes!

You didn't do a lot of dubs, did you?

DH: Oh, you mean recording!

Yeah, like My Friend Stan.

DH: In the studio, no. Jim he played the bass, and he played piano. He'd have to overdub it!

It's just that sometimes, to me, when Jim is playing piano (on "Stan"), it doesn't sound like him playing the bass!

DH: It is, oh yeah.

Do you remember Miles Out To Sea?

DH: Yeah!

What are the hidden words behind "we sang songs from Cabaret"?

DH: We sang songs from Cabaret...

Something's spoken in the background!

DH: Alright!...Is's probably something to do with...the guy who acts in Cabaret, the film, may have said something on stage, so we might have sort of mimicking his voice..

It sounds like "alostamejar"

DH: Sounds like what?

I'm not saying anything, ha, ha.

DH: It might been - have you seen Cabaret, the film?


DH: He comes on stage, and introduces the acts, doesn't he?! What's his name Joe Gray, or something?

The spooky character, with the white face!

DH: Yeah, that's him, him! And the do various routines, don't they, in the film. And there are some of the things he says, maybe is what's said on the record.

Who's saying it?

DH: Nod, probably.

I'd have to hear it, but I reckon it's something from that film.

So, I'll have to watch the film, to figure it out.

DH: Was it was, is that Nod really used to love the film, you see. So..(sings "songs from Cabaret" to himself)..trying to think, umm. It's definitely something from that film! Just can't think of the line he keeps saying.

You take certain sayings, and you walk around repeating them.

DH: You do, don't you!

Well, sometimes it sounds like you're having a good time in the background. Like on Thanks For The Memory.

DH: Yeah, noises, things going on.

Sounds like you're enjoying your selves!

DH: Yeah, probably. Cause on some of the early records, we used to have the stamping, and the clapping.

But you can't really figure out what it is, cause you go bah, bah..

Yeah, that's right. It's when you're all around a mike, and you're making noises, you know: Hu!Ah!Oh! Clapping, and banging tambourines, and that sort of stuff.

But it works!

DH: Yeah, it all part of the atmosphere, when you're in the studio, to try to make it a bit more interesting as a record!

(At this point, the half an hour of interview we were promised is up. And as I don't want to be a pain in the butt to my old idol..)

Well, thank you Dave!

DH: Have you got enough?

Still Dave takes his time, does an ID, with an impression of "The Wall Of Sound" DJ. Asks me a few questions about fan clubs etc. Isn't it nice, when you finally meet someone who's meant so much to you, they're just as you've expected them to be. It's like you've known each other for years, -cosmically speaking!!

Dave Hill's Slade top 5:

    1. Merry Xmas Everybody (The all time favorite for everybody)
    2. How Does It Feel (Very different for Slade)
    3. Coz I Luv You (The first number one, the most exiting time)
    4. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Describes the band as the fun rock 'n' roll band)
    5. My Oh My

Thanks to Klaus Herfort, Denmark - For the interview!

Thanks to Ian Edmundson, UK - Philippe D'Hoeraene, Belgium and Martina Benešová, Pragokoncert, Czech Republic for the photos!

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